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Meet Dr. Jon Morrissette

Certified in:
Manual Physical Therapy
Vestibular Rehabilitation
Concussion Therapy
Lymphedema Rehabilitation
Dry Needling

Picture of Dr. Jon M. Morrissette, DPT, MTC , CLT

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Jon and his staff are excellent. I was in an accident Oct 5th. I ha d problems walking upstairs, in fact I moved my living quarters to my downstairs bedroom to avoid the pain of walking upstairs. It took me an extra 30 minutes just to walk in to work. My knee was injured in the accident. I am huge on service and I would like to say.. Jon was excellent in helping me improve and feeling normal again... At first i was in so much pain I never thought my knee would feel normal again. Second for having an excellent staff from making the initial appointment through my entire treatment. I have never been to a facility that made me feel so welcoming and showed me so much for care. I will say.. You will have to do the work to get better.. Although hard.. It's worth improving your quality of life. Thank you Jon and staff
Celeste B.
Jon and his wife are such sweet people and Jon's expertise is fantastic. He helped me recover from a terrible ankle sprain and even managed to make my recovery fun.
Christen H.
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