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Concussion Therapy

Concussion: a head injury with a temporary loss of brain function.

ITPT Logo‘Treatment for concussions is multi-disiplinary in nature due to the broad range of conditions mild traumatic brain injury can cause including neck injury, vestibular injury (balance/dizziness), ocular changes (vision changes such as poor converg
ence (ability of the eyes to move in to focus on a near target), post-traumatic migraines, anxiety, and cognitive factors.
An Impact Trained Physical Therapist’s (ITPT) role is to treat the vestibular and cervical factors as well as assist with anxiety through interventions. An Impact Trained Physical therapist will work with a credentialed Impact Consultant (CIC) who is MD, DO, PhD, or PsyDs to assist with management of a patient who has suffered a concussion.

Jon M. Morrissette DPT, MTC, CLT, ITPT has completed training in the physical therapy management of concussion. His 14 year experience and certification in Manual Physical Therapy of orthopedic injuries as well as 10 year experience and certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation will assist with providing quality concussion therapy. He is the only registered Impact Trained Physical Therapist in Charlotte, NC.

Concussion can occur during sports such as soccer, football, rugby, gymnastics, cheerleading and any time there is significant head trauma such as in an automobile accident. Traditionally physical therapy treatment starts 21 days after the injury as most patients heal on their own within 21 days: the remaining patients will require treatment.

Physical Therapy treatments will progress in stages from less reactive movements to the vestibular system and/or neck and will ultimately progress to simulation of sport or work activities to allow return to full function. Treatment duration will vary depending on the extent of injury and patient tolerance to exercise. A CIC will will release you back to full contact sport participation or full work duty without restriction.

Facts about concussions: (from ImPACT website)
1.Concussions can occur in any sport or physical activity.
2. About 10% of all student athletes in contact sports suffer a
concussion during their season.
3. Recovery may take days or weeks, with individuals often
experiencing dizziness, headaches, double vision, memory
problems, irritability and depression.
4. Premature return to play following a concussion can lead to
potentially serious consequences.

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