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Dry Needling

Image of a needleTrigger point dry needling: is the use of a fine filiform needle in physical therapy to assist with improving a patient’s functional ability.

A needle is inserted and moved up and down into a trigger point (a taut band in a muscle which is actually a localized contracture: sustained contraction). A trigger point can be tender to touch and has been known to cause referred pain. For example: a muscle of the shoulder called the Infraspinatus (located on the back of the shoulder) can refer pain to the front of the shoulder down to the outside of the lower arm and into the hand. Treating this muscle can decrease local pain, referred pain, and improve muscle contraction leading to improved range of motion and function.

What to expect when getting needled:
When the needle enters a trigger point one will feel pain as the taut band is worked. Also, a spasm of the muscle is expected and is a sign of effective treatment. Treatment of a trigger point stops once the spasms cease. The Physical Therapist will then move onto the next trigger point. Expect soreness in the area of the needling for 24-48 hours. Contraindications (reasons to not perform dry needling): 1st trimester pregnancy, implants in area of needling (breast, calf, etc…)

Possible adverse reactions:
Redness of skin, bruising, pneumothorax (lung puncture)

Treatment plan:
In cases where dry needling is expected to be effective, the Physical Therapist will recommend dry needling once per week. Exercise, manual therapy, and other treatments will occur, in most cases, on the same day of needling.

Insurance providers do not cover dry needling. Our cost for a dry needling session is based on time required for treatment. The treatment time includes preparation (finding the trigger point, exposing the muscle, deciding on needle size, etc…), the process of needling the trigger point, and postneedling assessment (range of motion and other responses to treatment).

The following is our rates:
1-15 minutes: $30
16-30 minutes: $60
31-45 minutes: $90
46-60 minutes: $120
Please note the above rates are in addition to your physical therapy copayment or coinsurance.

There has been sufficient research on the effectiveness of dry needling which has prompted us to add this service.

Our Physical Therapist, Dr. Jon Morrissette, has been trained and is qualified to perform dry needling by attending courses through Myopain Seminars: You are welcome to learn more about the courses by exploring the above link.