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Wellness Recovery

We are pleased to announce our range of wellness/recovery services which can be utilized in-conjunction with physical therapy or massage therapy services or part of a maintenance program to maintain function and improve recovery when a full physical therapy program may not be necessary.

Return to activities faster: Soreness from a long run, long day at work, or weekend warrior

Enhance movement; Improve flexibility with any of our recovery/wellness services
Assisted Stretching:
Our licensed Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant practitioners will manually and skillfully stretch the muscles you feel need attention anywhere from your neck to your feet.

35 minutes: $70
55 minutes: $120

Trigger point Dry Needling: The use of a thin needle to release muscular trigger points to decrease pain and improve flexibility to help return to daily and recreational activities.

Up to 15 minutes: $30
16-30 minutes: $60
31- 45 minutes: $90
46-60 minutes: $120

Instrumented Assisted soft-tissue mobilization: to manipulate skin, myofascia, muscle fibers, and tendons to decrease tightness and improve flexibility.

Two options:

1. Using variously shaped stainless steel tools
2. Using a percussion massage gun

Up to 15 minutes: $30
16-30 minutes: $60
31- 45 minutes: $90
46-60 minutes: $120

Pneumatic Compression: To assist with decreasing swelling and soreness in the legs, arms, or trunk from medical conditions such as lymphedema, post-surgery swelling, soreness after a hard workout, game, or run, swelling from frequent travel, or swelling from pregnancy.

30 minutes: $30
60 minutes: $60